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 Charleys Cheesesteaks

Charleys Cheesesteaks

Looking for a cheesesteak near you? You may want to stop by Charley’s Cheesesteaks for a variety of large subs. This famous cheesesteak is the Philly, and the menu gives you options to add fries and wings. If you want an old-school taste of melted cheese and steak on a signature toasted roll, find a location to try on now.

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The best philly cheesesteak sandwich I've ever had! I will be back to this place on our next visit that's for sure. Cost about 8.00 for a reg sized sandwich and took about 5 minutes to make. It tasted so fresh and of quality product I would definitely recommend this place. I've eaten here on more then one occasion, it's so good. It's located in the Ala Moana Center food court. Pretty crowded and busy but the wait is worth it. Get it to go and enjoy it on the beach at Magic island, about a 10 min walk away.

Yelp - 10/24/2022

Surprisingly, instead of Rubios (across the way), our son wanted a cheese steak sandwich, chicken, of course (and as if he didn't get enough chicken at Knotts). This was our last day in CA on our recent getaway, week of October 10th. Our son's at the age when he can eat a regular adult size meal nowadays. It had grilled onions, it was cheesy, it was a good size. And he enjoyed it.  But then again, he likes all things chicken. It was under $8.00, and came with fries. Hubby said it looked good (check out my pics). Many tables inside. The cook is right there, so, you can see your food being cooked. There were quite a few customers, mostly getting takeout. It was lunch time so there are a few options nearby.

(There is one in town, and maybe we'll check it out.)

Restaurantji - 05/22/2022

Workers were nice and polite. Placed an online order and in store pick up. Ordered through google, staff recommended the app and provided a flyer with info for special offers, good information. 2 sandwiches and 2 orders of bacon cheese fries came out to $40. A-little pricey. But food is excellent!

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Let us know in the comments below about your experience at Charley's Cheesesteaks.

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